Are You Okay on the Inside?

The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear? (Proverbs 18:14, KJV)

You might think that it is a new trend to take care of your personal life mentally, emotionally, spiritually, but this verse warns us to take care of our spirits. Proverbs are those timeless axioms that give wisdom to each generation.

What’s the Lesson?

When things are okay on the inside, when the spirit of a man is strong, it will allow him to handle pain and pressure on the outside.

On the flip side, when the spirit is weak, broken, wounded, no one can overcome that. Every outside pressure takes you to and beyond the breaking point.

From this verse we can draw a simple question, “How’s it going on the inside?”

How’s your thinking?

Do you have patterns of thinking that are critical, overwhelmingly negative, self-deprecating? All of those things are against the Bible way of thinking! We are called to think truth, to think on good, holy things.

For more on this see Philippians 4:8

How’s your internal dialogue?

Someone once said that the person who talks to you the most is you.

Truly you spend the most time talking to yourself. We must consider what kind of narrative we’re telling ourselves. Satan works in lies. If he can get you to believe and speak lies to yourself then he’s winning the battle.

How’s your walk with God?

The state of your spirit is most determined by the state of your walk with God.

Is there love for God, obedience to God, and sensitivity to God? These things form a solid foundation on which your life can be built. Without these, you are lacking the core building blocks for a strong life.

God loves you deeply and has great plans for your life. Allow this to be a wake up call to not neglect these most important areas of your life.

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