When You Give Baby a Bath, You'll Probably Get Wet

It hit me the other day that raising children is messy. I should have known this by now with a two and a half year old and a one year old (ask my wife sometime about the yogurt-in-hair episode).

The realization is that when you raise a child, there will be mess involved. But you don’t focus on the mess, you focus on the child. You give them time, space, and encouragement to learn and grow.

In serving people, it’s the same principle.

It’s easy to get frustrated when someone doesn’t do what you think they should do, but that’s part of life. God is still teaching every one of his children.

Furthermore, other people aren’t the only ones with problems, God is still working on you too.

Therefore, give patience, space, and encouragement. Allow God to keep doing his work in lives.

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