Camels and Straws

That proverbial straw broke the camel’s back. Was it a drinking straw? Maybe paper? Or seaweed based? (Yes, that’s a thing)

Proverbial straws pile-up on our backs too.
They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.
More than I care to know.
The camel’s proverbial straw in reality was probably a straw of wheat.

Regardless, how could we help the camel?

It seems inevitable that straws fall upon the camel.
What if the camel-caretaker decided to unload some straws?
Without constant care, the camel-load-limit will be exceeded and injury will occur.

Could it be that we too mindlessly allow straws to fall on our backs bringing us to the breaking point?
We bear until we break.
Mentally, physically, emotionally.
Plunging us into despair.

Our straws are often disappointments.
Some big, many small.
Often beyond our control.
Sometimes a result of our own foolishness.

Disappointments are those things that capture our hearts and minds and bring us low.

Unlike the poor burdened camel, we camels have a wonderful camel-care-taker.
Actually we are sheep.
Sheep are especially bad beasts of burden.
What’s to be done?

Recover as quickly as you can from disappointments.

How so?

Allow the Lord to unload your straws.
Though we are often likened to sheep, or an animal in the yoke, we do have a part to play in this matter.

We can stubbornly attempt to bear our straws.
We might ignore our straws.
Though ignorance is certainly not bliss.

We can choose a lightened load through straw-discarding practices:

  • When you bear many cares (or any cares), cast them upon the Lord, he cares for you.
  • When you’ve done wrong, confess it, receive grace, and stand again.
  • When you get off track, renew your mind, and follow God’s word.
  • When you’ve damaged a relationship (even in small ways) seek forgiveness and seek to change.

Don’t be like the poor, needlessly broken camel who was powerless to escape his load.

Don’t stand by while disappointments pile on, becoming despair, and brining you to final crushing brokenness.

How quickly can you recover through the resources that God has provided you?

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