The Five E Model of Minstry

People Encounter the church in their normal stream of life out in the world

  •  Become aware of the church through
    •  Places they pass - the church showing up in the places people frequent (schools, parks, signage, fliers, etc.)
    •  People they meet - members living out their faith and inviting in day-to-day life
    •  Promotion they see - online presence, searching for a church, marketing
  • Action Steps
    • Marketing - show up where people are
    • Presence - make sure church people have the opportunity to show up in the community
    • Prayer - make sure people are ready through prayer to speak with boldness

People Engage with the church in small and big ways

  •  Online
    •  Clicking a link, visiting a website
    •  Viewing a piece of content
    •  Signing up for email
    •  Filling out a form (Plan your visit, request prayer, next step)
  •  In Person
    • Attending 
    •  Filling out a connection card
  •  We respond to engagement by
    • Follow through
      • Bringing compelling messages from God’s word
      • Delivering on First Impression
    • Timely followup 
      • If someone gives us their information, they want to be contacted
      • Unless it is something like Eventbrite, we don’t automatically add people to our ongoing email list if they didn’t ask for it.
    • Appropriate levels of response
      • Matching levels of response
      • Too much, it feels invasive
      • Too little, it feels apathetic

People Enroll in becoming a part of the church

  • Types of enrollment
    •  to stay around after church & talk with a pastor
    •  to a membership class
    •  to a group
    •  to a recurring program (AWANA, GriefShare, etc.)
  • The path to enrollment should be obious
  • Enrollment should be meaningful
    • Attention
    • Personalization
    • Followup

The congregation is Equipped for the work of ministry

  •  Care
  •  Training & Coaching
  •  Volunteering
  •  Bible Teaching
  •  Given tools, encouragement, and inspiration for inviting
  •  Pathway for vocational ministry

The congregation is Exported back into the world

  •  By ensuring that the church does not get stuck on gather mode or turtle mode. 
    •  We gather for worship
    •  We scatter for witness
  •  By releasing them for other ministries
    •  Pastoring
    •  Christian Service
    •  Church revitalization
  •  By commissioning them into mission efforts
    •  Foreign missionaries
    •  Short term trips

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