Quick Capture Setup for Obsidian on iPhone Using iA Writer and Apple Shortcuts

Benefits of Using iA Writer for Obsidian Quick Capture

  • In one click using an iOS shortcut, I’m ready to input text
  • iA Writer does not require creation of a title through this method
  • Notes are saved directly to my note inbox for processing later


  • An Obsidian Vault setup in iCloud Drive
  • iA Writer installed on iPhone
  • Shortcut to create new note in inbox folder


After installing iA Writer, add the your inbox folder from iCloud as a location in the iA Writer Library.

Create a shortcut in iOS Shortcuts for creating a new note through URL Commands:

  • Add an “Open” Command
  • Fill the URL field with iA Writer’s URL Command: ia-writer://new?path=YOURFOLDER
    • My inbox folder is called 00 Inbox and the easiest way to get the link is to select the folder in iA Writer, tap the folder header, and select Copy Library Path
    • Paste this value to replace YOURPATH in the URL Command, My folder looks like ia-writer://new?path=00 Inbox: /
    • Since we can’t have spaces in a url, each space we have to replace spaces with %20 to represent the space.
    • My final URL Command looks like: ia-writer://new?path=00%20Inbox:%20/

For more information check out the iA Writer URL Command Reference

Long-press the shortcut, share, and add to home screen. I added my capture shortcut right to the home bar.

And you’re done!

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