When You Can’t Do Anything Else, Contribute

Life always gives you reasons to check out.

  • You work with difficult people, so you begin to think it’s not worth giving your best.
  • Someone disappointed you, so you no longer put anything into the relationship.
  • Life didn’t turn out like you hoped it would be, so you quit trying.

This pattern of thinking only leads to a dead end. Outside circumstances should never dictate your decision to do something worthwhile.

The generous contributor knows that it’s always worthwhile to give. Adding value to relationships or striving for excellence is always worth it. Contribution brings a personal confidence knowing you have done what is right. It is a strengthening confidence whether things “worked out” or not.

No matter how frustrated you are, you can always contribute. Your situation probably won’t change immediately, but you will change into a much better person. Who knows, your situation is likely to improve as well.

Contribution is always better than closing off.

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