A Persistent Thermostat

Someone once described people as either thermostats or thermometers. Thermostats set the temperature, thermometers conform to the temperature. Thermostats know what temperature should be and they initiate change leading to the new climate.

Everyone who seeks to make a difference in the world is a thermostat. The reactive person is unlikely to create substantial progress in the world as they simply reflect the climate around them.

The challenge is this: as a thermostat you must be persistent.

You are working in an established climate. Therefore, it takes energy and hard work to change the climate. With any change you seek to make, it will take time. More than likely it will take longer than you think.

If you stop heating the house, it will start to cool once again. The key to progress is persistence towards a goal for a long time. Don’t lose ground by backing off! In the ministry world, many people say it takes a minimum of five years of serving in one place before you begin to see significant progress. In frustration, you must not revert to being a thermometer.

The keys to persistence are vision and optimism. You know what the climate should be, and you believe that eventually it will get there. Beware of wavering, turning inward, or giving up. When the climate seems like it will never change, don’t throw away your progress in frustration!

Let this hope continue to drive you; You can make the world better, you can make a dent. In the meantime, persist! You are a thermostat, keep setting the temperature. Don’t give up in the struggle.

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