Refilling Your Vision

“Vision Leaks.”

I heard this axiom shared some time ago. The idea is this; over time your picture of the future shared with others tends to leak out of their minds. You would think that hearing a gripping vision of the future once would be enough to carry people down the road.

The problem is that it doesn’t. If this is not recognized, it leads to frustration. The people you seek to lead are smart people. They are just busy and oftentimes what is central to your existence is ancillary for others.

Therefore, to keep everyone heading together in the right direction you have to regularly refill the vision bucket.

What about your own Vision Bucket?

Vision can also be leaky in your own life. Over time your own bright and shiny vision can get faded. It needs renewed clarity, renewed focus, you need to spend time with it.

I have had mentors that would talk about specific times of “getting alone with God” about their ministry. In a sense what they are doing is allowing God to renew and lead the vision of their calling. Sometimes it takes me a while to put those things together.

How to refill the Vision?

Here are a few considerations to help you begin to refill the vision in your own life:

  • Remember the time when the Vision was full
  • Write it down: What is the vision? What change do you seek to make?
  • Seek God in prayer and allow him to renew purpose in your life
  • Surround yourself with people and resources that will encourage the vision
  • Take time to get crystal clear about the Vision
  • Audit your todo list, remove things that are unnecessary
  • Share the Vision with others, not loudly, start quietly talking to people who care

No one else can do this for you.

You and I must pay the price to have clarity and persist in the change you seek to make.

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