Two Powerful Words: So What

Whether it is preaching from the pulpit, the small group, or any other environment, teaching is challenging. The goal of teaching is not only to impart information, but to spark transformation. The student is to be changed by encountering the teaching environment.

For a long time, there are two words that have guided the way that I teach; “So what?”

Asking yourself this question as you prepare is vital because your audience is already asking it. Have you ever found yourself listening to a speech wishing that the person would finally get to the point?

That’s what your audience is doing too! With so much information available in the world, you must connect your audience to the benefit of your topic.

Learning to answer this question in your preparation will do a few things:

  • It will force you to get specific
  • It will direct you to application
  • It will help keep your audience’s attention

You are trying to serve people with a message, the first step is to let them know why they should listen.

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