The Principle of the Spicket

One day a man went to the spicket and tried to fill his bucket. As he had done many times, he turned the handle, but nothing came out. He closed the valve, then reopened it. Still no water flowed out.

The man was confused at first. Eventually, he became angry, he started hitting the spicket with a sledgehammer. Finally with one strong blow, the faucet broke off. Still there wasn’t a drop of water to be seen.

He was so angry with that faucet. Somewhere along the way he forgot the principle of the spicket

“Water doesn’t originate in the spicket, it flows through the spicket.”

The Bible says that God is the provider of everything in our lives. Your employer, your customers are only the spicket. When you feel that you lack, don’t get angry with the spicket, go to God and seek his provision for your life.

I learned this parable years ago from Pastor Austin Gardner. It has stuck with me and helped me ever since.

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