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Why you need an Action Bias

October 10th, 2019

These quotes are not original, I believe they originated in a podcast with Sean Cannell from Think Media.

An action bias is the habit of executing quickly upon an idea in the smallest meaningful way so you can begin to test its value.

Talking, thinking, and planning do have their place. However, those practices lose their effectiveness apart from action.

"Action produces traction"

It's easy to "get started" without making any real progress. Planning does not always equate to progress. Research does not necessarily equate to progress either.

Before you start acting, you don't necessarily know what you need to find out. The moment you start acting you begin to discover which questions should be asked. It narrows and intensifies your efforts.

Start acting and allow action to give you the traction you need.

"Start with quantity not quality."

Early on, quality is a trap. If you must do flawless work before you release it into the world, you'll never make an attempt. Start by making a lot of something to discover what works, learn, and then increase quality.

If you want to become a writer, write a lot. You'll write badly at first and then you'll get better. If you want to make videos, make a lot of videos. If you want to teach, take every opportunity you get. If you want to be a woodworker, build things with wood.

The hardest part is starting.