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Be Personal Online

October 14th, 2019

I ran into a site the other day that was interesting, but strange. This website offered a graphic design service. The offering was a good value! The site was beautifully designed as well, but something was off.

The site was completely devoid of any way to tell who was behind the service. No about page, no affiliations, no "created by." This is especially unfortunate as I was able to figure out who was behind it after a bit of digging. I've never met the man, but he does have good work and has other great web presences.

When you encounter a new organization, especially online, it's good to know who's behind it. It builds trust when someone chooses to put their name on a site. The problem was that my first impression of the site was just as a company, just a black box.

Be generous enough to put your name on your site, it means something.