Beau and Lauryn Carpenter Picture Beau Carpenter

When Contributors Start Consuming

September 20th, 2019

If you’re a contributor, I want to warn you of a danger. I have seen times when contributors switch over to consumers.

At one time, you gave your very best without regard for yourself. You served, helped, shared, and gave. But somewhere along the way you started holding back. You began to count the cost of giving. Caution replaced generous involvement.

When a contributor starts showing signs of a consumer, you know there’s something off:

These things can easily take hold when you get hurt. The suggestions above can help you get things back on track.

Beyond that, you may need to revisit your identity as a contributor. Contribution is not, “I put a lot in, therefore I should also get a lot out.” That is truly the mindset of a consumer, “I’ll give this much, but it better be worth it.”

Contribution is the generous giving of oneself for the good of others.

Get rested, get reset, get reconnected and go make a difference.