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Don't Leave God Out of Your Leadership

September 10th, 2020

I wrote an article titled "Two Critical Skills of Leadership" sharing two principles: Set the Direction, Start Walking. My goal was to break down leadership into stages. First, figure out where you need to go. Second, start moving in that direction.

Upon reviewing my blog, it hit me that I left out the most important stage of leadership: Seeking God's direction!

Even more important than my leadership is God’s leadership for my life. God's direction must come first in every area.

Here's my revised outline:

Which Way

In all things, seek God's direction.

Before making a move, we must seek God's direction. Look into the word, seek God in prayer, ask "Which way?"

God's thoughts are much higher than ours. His understanding is beyond all men. It is unwise to lead apart from God's direction.

Guidance is clearly given in the Bible for many areas of life. In that case we must determine how to go about obeying the word. Others areas aren’t clearly mapped out. A time of seeking God is crucial to navigate difficult challenges.

This Way

After seeking the mind of God, it’s time to point the way. The leader communicates the next step and says, "This is the way.""

Let’s Go

Finally, take steps in that direction.